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Did the Negligence of a Property Owner Result in Your Rome, Georgia Personal Injury?

Premises liability claims are one of the most frequently seen types of Rome, Georgia, personal injury claims. These are the claims where someone has been injured through the negligence of a property owner. It could be a business property owner, a homeowner, or a landowner. In some cases, it may even be a governmental agency. People are injured in many different ways all the time, and it only makes sense that a lot of those injuries occur on the property of one person or another. Yet, simply being injured on someone’s property doesn’t make them liable. Further, it matters whether or not you were invited onto the property or whether you were trespassing and warned to stay away.

What Type of Premises Liability Personal Injury Claim Are You Looking At?

Premises liability claims are just one type of Rome, Georgia, personal injury claims. Then, there are multiple types of injuries that fall under premises liability. Following are some common examples of different types of premises liability claims that you may be facing:

  • Slip/Trip and Fall Premises Liability Claims
  • Animal Bite/Attack Premises Liability Claims
  • Walkway Defect Premises Liability Claims
  • Hazardous Chemical Exposure Premises Liability Claims
  • Inadequate Security Premises Liability Claims
  • Poorly Lit Walkway Premises Liability Claims
  • Fall From Height (Such as Stairs or Balcony) Premises Liability Claim

What Kind of Compensation Can You Seek in a Premises Liability Personal Injury Claim?

If you do have a valid premises liability personal injury claim in Rome, Georgia, then you can recover multiple different types of compensation. It all depends on what kinds of damages you’ve sustained. You can get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost future earning potential, psychological trauma, rehabilitation costs, surgical costs, prescription costs, and more. In some cases, there is even an option of pursuing punitive damages, such when you know that the liable party intentionally caused your injuries or did so with reckless disregard for your safety.

What if Nobody is Negligent or Liable in Your Rome, Georgia, Personal Injury Claim?

Sometimes, people become injured through their own mistake or wrongdoing. Other times, it is a simple freak accident that was not caused by anyone. You may trip and fall because your shoes are untied, and not because there was a hazard in your way. You may faint and strike your head on the floor of someone else’s property, but through no fault of anyone. Then, there are cases where someone wishes to file a premises liability personal injury claim, but cannot because they instigated the injurious event. For instance, if you intentionally provoke someone’s pet, you’ll have a hard time getting compensation for any wounds that result from this action. If you dive into the shallow end of someone’s pool, then you are not likely to be able to prove that anyone’s negligence but your own caused your injury. If nobody is negligent or liable for your injuries, then you will not be able to pursue compensation for those injuries through a premises liability personal injury claim in Rome, Georgia.

Property Owners in Rome, Georgia, Must Take Reasonable Precautions for the Safety of Others

It is also important to understand that the standard of care owed to you by a property owner is not to guarantee your

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safety in 100% of all potential injury situations. Rather, property owners are only required to take reasonable precautions and engage in reasonable conduct to keep you safe. If they regularly inspect and maintain the property, fixing things that need to be repaired, removing ice from their walkways, and making sure their paths are well lit, then they are probably doing their part. If you then wander into an area where you are not expected and should not be, or if you choose to walk down an unlit path at night when a well lit path is available, then you may not have a valid claim if an injury results from such an action.

In another example, where business property owners often find themselves, is in the case of negligent security claims. If you are at a hotel in a dangerous neighborhood, and if there have been robberies or attacks on that property, then it is reasonable for the property owner to ensure that there is adequate security on site. If you are harmed because there is not adequate security, then you may be able to file a premises liability negligent security personal injury claim. However, if there was adequate security, and they simply couldn’t reach you in time to prevent the harm from occurring, then the property owner can defend themselves by stating that they did take reasonable precautions. Or, if you are in an area where crime is not so frequent, then it could be perfectly reasonable for there to be minimal security on site, and the property owner can state that they did take reasonable precautions.

Cases that involve slipping on ice are also subject to the possibility that reasonable conduct was used to keep the property safe. The property owner may have completely cleared the ice from all walkways, and a visitor may have chosen to walk through the frozen grass. If the visitor slips on that grass instead of using the salted walkway, then the property owner is not likely to be held liable for those injuries.

Do You Have a Valid Premises Liability Personal Injury Claim in Rome, Georgia?

If you are not sure whether or not you have a valid premises liability personal injury claim in Rome, Georgia, you are not alone. The law can be very complicated, particularly when you try to ascertain how it applies to your individual case. The best thing that you can do is to gather all of the evidence you can and seek a free consultation with the Rome, Georgia, personal injury attorneys at the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. The sooner you get started the better, so that you don’t run out the statute of limitations. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation and learn more about your options.

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