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Morgan Cressman

When she was 10 years old, Morgan Cressman read To Kill a Mockingbird and gasped when the jury returned a guilty verdict, condemning an innocent man. From that point on she was determined to prevent injustice wherever she could. Morgan has focused her practice on workers’ compensation in Georgia for more than 17 years and works hard to fight for her clients’ rights. Because even legitimate workers’ compensation claims are frequently denied when clients are unrepresented, hiring an effective lawyer often makes a huge difference in outcomes. As an attorney who has represented both claimants and defendants, Morgan brings a multifaceted and experienced perspective to her work. She enjoys showing insurance companies and other attorneys how the law supports her clients’ claims – and seeing the relief in her clients’ faces when success is achieved.

Morgan’s compassion and ability to make connections with people from all walks of life are some of her greatest strengths. She is proud and honored when clients tell her they consider her not just their attorney but their friend, creating a relationship that allows her to understand her clients’ needs and how to best to get those needs met. Her skills and accomplishments have been recognized: Morgan has been named a Rising Superstar Lawyer by Atlanta Magazine five times.

Morgan graduated cum laude from Georgia State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and received her law degree from Georgia State University’s College of Law. She is a member of Moot Court Board and is on the board of Holiday Helping Hands Charity, an organization providing holiday presents to the children of injured workers.

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