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There are Many Kinds of Work-Related Injuries Addressed by Rome, Georgia Workers’ Compensation

No matter where you work, you are bound to encounter a range of different hazards that are common or unique to your specific work environment. It may be the kind of hazard that you anticipate, such as a heavy object being dropped at a construction site. There is a reason construction workers wear hard hats, after all. Another example might be an auto accident for a delivery driver or the cliché, yet ever popular dog bite for a mailman. For a nurse or in home care provider, it might be a back injury from trying to lift or maneuver a patient. Then, there are the hazards you don’t typically anticipate. This could be a trip and fall injury for an office worker who didn’t expect a cord to be in his way. It could be a dog bite for a teacher who didn’t expect a dog to run through the playground. It could even be a burn injury for a legal assistant who never expected the law office to catch fire due to an electrical malfunction.

Of course, there are some industries where the number of work-related injuries is higher than others. The transportation industry, the manufacturing industry, the construction industry, the food services industry, and the healthcare industry are among the most hazardous when it comes to harmful and injurious events. These are the occupations where injuries happen frequently and workers’ compensation claims are quite common. Yet, the injuries discussed in this article can and do happen in just about any work environment, expected or not.

All Work Industries Carry Some Risk of Trip/Slip and Fall Injuries in Rome, Georgia

Trip/slip and fall injuries are a risk no matter where you work. Even if your job involves sitting down at a desk all

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day, there’s always a possibility that you could slip on a wet floor or trip over a dropped object when you are on your way out the door, headed to the bathroom, or simply walking around during a break. If there are stairs at your workplace, then you could slip and fall down those stairs and become injured. If you work in an environment that requires you to be up and about, walking all over the place, then your risk of a slip or trip and fall injury is even higher. There are hundreds of thousands of such injuries in the workplace every year in the United States.

Sometimes, these injuries are not severe enough to require medical treatment. Sometimes, people slip and fall and only injure their pride. Other times, they may have mild bruises and nothing more. However, it is a mistake to assume that all slip and fall injuries are minor. Even if it seems minor, you should seek medical treatment if you strike your head, hear any pops or cracks, or have any kind of pain after a trip or slip and fall. If you fall from a height, down stairs, or off of an upper floor to a lower floor, then you need to seek medical treatment, regardless of whether or not you are aware of any injuries. In these cases, you will usually be aware of your injuries as they are likely to be more severe. Yet, it is entirely possible to fall down the stairs and stand up again, feeling only dazed or shocked. You should never assume that such a fall did not cause injury.

All Work Industries Carry Some Risk of Traumatic Brain Injury in Rome, Georgia

In the same way that anyone in any work industry could slip or trip and fall down, anyone in any work industry could suffer from a traumatic brain injury from such an event or from any other event. An office worker could be sitting at his desk when suddenly some flaw in the infrastructure of the building causes the ceiling to fall in on his head. Even more likely is a situation where a lamp or other lighting fixture falls down when it is not properly affixed in its position. Workplaces like construction sites, of course, are more likely to see such injuries, as are those who drive for a living and could get into an auto accident. If you strike your head through any kind of accident, you might not have obvious symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. Common symptoms include nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headache, loss of consciousness, slurred speech, confusion, drowsiness, and dilated pupils. Even if you have nothing more than a headache, you could have a traumatic brain injury that you are unaware of. It is a good idea to seek medical treatment after any kind of incident that involves an impact to your head.

All Work Industries Carry Some Risk of Electrical Injury in Rome, Georgia

An electrical accident can happen anywhere at any time. It only takes a small issue with the wiring, whether it was installed incorrectly, a rat chewed through it, or it simply became damaged over the years. Anyone who works with any kind of electrical equipment, which is virtually everyone in Rome, Georgia, and throughout the US, is at risk. Think of all of the electrical appliances that you use each day. If you turn on a light at work, use a microwave, have to plug in a printer, or work with more obvious electrical tools, you are at risk of an electrical accident. This could be a shock, a full blown electrocution, an electrical fire, or electrical burns. These injuries can be quite dramatic, or they can be mild and seemingly not serious. You should seek immediate medical treatment at the nearest emergency room after any injury resulting from any kind of electrical accident.

Where Do You Turn After a Rome, Georgia, Work Related Injury?

If you have been injured in any industry, in any work environment, for any reason, you need to inform your employer, seek medical treatment, and file a workers’ compensation claim. If you encounter any hurdles or challenges in recovering workers’ compensation benefits, contact the Rome, Georgia, workers’ compensation attorneys at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers for a free consultation.

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