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Man Charged For Using Fraudulent Social Security Number In Georgia Workers Compensation Claim


Jose Antonio Hernandez Oceguera is being held at Whitfield County Jail on multiple charges for using a fraudulent Social Security Number at work and apparently when he filed his claim for workers’ compensation benefits with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Those charges include first degree forgery,  four counts of making false and misleading statements when obtaining workers’ compensation benefits,  and four felony counts of giving false statements to a government agency.

Undocumented workers in Georgia have the same rights to workers’ compensation benefits as any other injured workers; however, it is illegal to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits using a false Social Security Number. Therefore, undocumented workers should always request a Board Tracking Number rather than filing a claim with a false Social Security Number. For assistance requesting a Board Tracking Number, we strongly recommend contacting a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney.

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