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Machinery Mishap

Working around machinery is dangerous, and an accident can happen at any time. One misstep can create an unimaginable situation, such as this story about a man who was killed when he was dragged through a machine at a Georgia business last year. According to the story, the man climbed onto a machine’s roller bar. The bar has hook and pulls plastic onto a conveyer belt for processing; the man was tragically pulled into the machine and died as a result of the incident.

One of the Fatal Four

The Fatal Four – what is that? The Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identified the top four types of hazards in the construction industry and labeled them the Fatal Four. One of these is referred to as ‘caught in/between machinery’ – and, even though this roller bar machine death was not in the construction field, it fits the description of a caught in/between machinery-related injury – which OSHA notes are the most morbid type of injury due to the resulting crushing injuries.

Preventing a Caught In/Between Machinery Accident

Arbill, a noted leader in workplace safety, offers some wise advice and guidance about how to prevent these types of accidents. Some of their tips that would be applicable to the type of roller bar machine incident described above include:

  • Become familiar with the machinery;
  • Shut the machinery off before performing repairs, cleaning, or other servicing;
  • Be extra careful with equipment that has belts or pulleys;
  • Keep focused and alert around the machine;
  • Wear properly fitted clothing so it does not get caught by the machinery; and
  • Do not let jewelry or longer hair dangle near the machinery.

Not Life, But Limb – Does Workers’ Compensation Cover This?

In some cases of less severe workplace accident similar to this tragedy, a worker could easily lose a body part as a result of a caught in/between machinery accident. In Georgia, if a worker loses a body part such as a limb or finger, he or she would be entitled to receive workers’ compensation based upon the type of loss they have suffered. How much you are entitled to receive will depend upon your wages. How long you will be able to receive the specified amount depends upon exactly which body part you have lost, or lost the use of. The more extreme the lost, the longer you will generally receive workers’ compensation benefits. Depending upon the type of work you do, losing a body part may affect your ability to work in the same type of job in the future; in cases such as these, vocational rehabilitative benefits may be warranted.

For Help With Work Related Injury Matters, Contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers LLC

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