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Los Angeles Construction Worker Falls From City’s Tallest Skyscraper

A workplace tragedy struck in downtown Los Angeles when an electrician working on the city’s tallest skyscraper fell 53 stories onto a passing car in the busy intersection below. The man was not wearing his safety gear at the time and it was not known why he was on an upper floor of the building, as he was only supposed to be on the third floor. A spokesperson acknowledged that every worker at the building had been through the safety training for the job, including those who require specialized training due to the type of their particular job. The spokesperson also noted that all of the company’s safety protocols were being followed. While details are unclear as to what caused this terrible accident, the incident reminds us of the dangers of working on construction sites. Even when all safety procedures are in place, accidents can happen and injuries can occur, whether an employee is a seasoned professional or new to the job, such as this electrician, who was only on his second day on the job.

How Long Must I Be Employed to Be Entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

In Georgia, according to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker, workers’ compensation is your right from the very first day on the job and, if you are injured, you may receive money for income benefits as well as for medical bills, rehabilitation, and vocational training in some cases.

Injured Employees Have Responsibilities as Well as Rights

While injured workers are entitled to various rights under Georgia Workers’ Compensation, workers have certain responsibilities as well. First, an employee is expected to follow the employer’s safety policies and procedures. When looking at the case of the Los Angeles electrician, this brings to light an important point – what was this worker doing on higher floors than he was authorized to be on? While this may not necessarily prevent a deceased worker’s survivor from being able to collect workers’ compensation benefits as a result of a death on the worksite, it is certainly a factor that would need to be considered. Another interesting responsibility required of a worker who is claiming workers’ compensation in Georgia is that of post-accident drug and/or alcohol testing. If an injured worker is asked to submit to a drug test following a workplace accident, and refuses to do so, drug and/or alcohol will be presumed to be a cause of the accident and, absent other evidence to the contrary, workers’ compensation benefits could be denied.

If You Have Been Injured On The Job, Contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

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