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How to Qualify for Atlanta Workers’ Comp

Getting hurt at work brings up a myriad of questions that you may not have the answers to at that time. An Atlanta, GA, work injury attorney offers you the answers to your workplace injury claims and can help you understand if you qualify for workers’ comp. Under the law for Atlanta workers’ comp, any accident that occurs while you are on the job is covered by the program.

Workers’ comp provides benefits for all accidents that happen on the job regardless if they were your fault or the fault of your employer. This means that if you had an accident because of an error or mistake you made, compensation is still provided for your injuries. The same holds true if your employer was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries.

Accidents on the job can happen for a variety of reasons. Your employer may have faulty policies that created an accident, or they may not have properly maintained an area that was unsafe and caused an accident. Whether your accident occurs inside or outside, if you were working for your employer at the time, you are afforded workers’ compensation coverage.

If you are unsure about your injury claims, speak to a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta. They can help you identify if your injuries occurred in the realm of the workplace and also determine if additional legal action needs to occur against your employer. A workers’ compensation lawyer knows the law when it comes to workplace injury claims and can help get you the compensation benefits you deserve.

Who Qualifies for Atlanta Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation is provided to all employees that work for an employer that has coverage. Your employer is required by law to offer workers’ comp if they have three or more employees. You are afforded coverage if you are a full or part-time employee regardless of your status.

Your workers’ compensation coverage begins on your first day of employment with an employer that offers coverage. If you are uncertain if your employer has workers’ comp insurance, find a workers’ compensation lawyer in Atlanta to help. They can help you understand the laws and what your employer’s responsibility is under these laws and in accordance with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

How Can I Avoid Losing My Atlanta Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Keeping your Atlanta workers’ comp is key to ensuring you are financially sound during your recovery. There are several instances where you could lose your workers’ compensation benefits if you are not careful. Just like your employer has to follow the laws governing workers’ comp, you have responsibilities to adhere to in order to keep your benefits.

Atlanta Workers' Comp Lawyer Georgia
If you have been hurt on the job, seek the Atlanta workers’ comp benefits you deserve with help from Bader Scott Injury Lawyers.

You must see an approved doctor that is provided by your employer in order to ensure payment of your medical expenses by their insurance provider. If you fail to see an approved doctor, you will not have your medical costs paid by your employer and these expenses will be your responsibility to pay.

You will also need to return to work when you are medically released to do so, even if it means that you can only work in a light-duty capacity at a lower wage. Compensation is a portion of your wage difference in this role. Failing to comply with your doctor’s release could mean the loss of your workers’ compensation benefits.

It is important to discuss your concerns about losing your workers’ compensation with an Atlanta, GA, work injury attorney. They can help you understand what your responsibilities are under the law and what rules you need to conform to in order to keep your benefits safe.

If you have a question about whether your actions could result in loss of your workers’ comp insurance, allow a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta to help you with your case. They can provide you valuable advice about protecting your benefits and ensure you receive the maximum payment for your settlement. Do not take a chance of losing your benefits, when a workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you the information and guidance you need to protect your rights under the law.

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When an injury occurs on the job, you need the help of a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, GA, that you can trust. Count on the Georgia work injury attorneys at the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. They will guide you through the legal process of filing for Atlanta workers’ comp and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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