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How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in Rome, GA?

In the state of Georgia, all companies that employ more than 3 people are mandated to have workers’ compensation for their employees. This compensation is to be provided to the workers in case they incur an injury. As long as the injury occurs during work and on premises where the employer was engaged in a work-related task, the employee will be covered by workers’ compensation.

Every employer has to ensure that the employee knows about the workers’ compensation program. If an injury occurs, the employee must report it to his employer, supervisor or manager as soon as possible. The employee is also responsible for ensuring that the time and date of the injury is documented. The manager will then provide the employee with names of healthcare workers who have been contracted to work for the company. By calling a 1800 toll-free number, the employer can make an appointment with the doctor on the approved list that could deal with that particular injury. Only under rare circumstances is the employee allowed to see a specialist out of the network. This could happen for example if the employee suffers an eye injury and none of the contracted specialists deal with eye injuries and other similar situations. In Georgia, the onus is on the employee to report the injury within 30 days. If the case is filed later, the worker may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. 

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Types of Injuries Eligible for Workers’ Compensation

In general, workers’ compensation is only offered to employees who suffer from moderate to severe injuries that force the employee to miss at least 7 or more days off work. This means that a bruised finger or sprained ankle will not be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, any injury that results in a severe head concussion, laceration of the hand or a deep injury with a sharp object usually requires extensive treatment and could result in the employee missing work for a longer period of time.


What Workers’ Comp Benefits Can I Receive?

In Rome, GA, the maximum benefits that you can receive is $575 per week. The maximum duration of these benefits is 400 days. However, the actual amount that is approved will depend on the severity of the injury, the degree of disability and circumstances of the injury. If the injury results in the death of the worker, then the worker’s dependents will get a lump-sum payment.


Am I Eligible For Workers Compensation If I Caused The Injury?

The great thing about Georgia’s worker compensation program is that it is a no-fault system. This means it does not matter who actually caused the workplace accident; if you were injured, you are entitled to the benefits even if you were responsible for the injury. Your manager or employer does not have the right to prevent you from filing a workers’ compensation claim, irrespective of how much you were responsible for causing the injury. However, in some cases, if you were completely reckless, intoxicated or engaged in any illegal activity, then you may be ineligible to receive any benefits.


Where Can I Read About Georgia Workers Compensation Benefits?

If you live in Rome, GA you can go to the Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation website. They have a booklet that explains how the program works and the benefits that are provided if you are injured at work. Apart from medical coverage, the workers’ compensation program also reimburses you for lost wages and provides benefits to your dependents if you were to die as a result of a work-related injury. The medical benefits cover your hospital visits, any surgery that you may have to undergo, rehabilitation, drug prescriptions and outpatient clinic visits. However, your coverage is only active if you see the authorized healthcare providers listed by your employer.


When Should I File a Workers Compensation Claim in Rome, GA?

If you are injured on the job, you should file a claim as soon as possible. Your employer needs to be notified right away. The law states that you have 30 days to file for the workers’ compensation benefits. If you wait longer than this period, then your claim will be denied. In most cases, your employer will file a report of the injury, and if he or she does not do that, then the company can be penalized.


Do I Need A Lawyer to Obtain Workers’ Compensation?

When an injury occurs in the workplace, the employer will generally try two things – they will try and minimize the injury so that they either have to pay minimum damages or no damages at all or they can claim that the injury did not occur during a work-related activity. Therefore, the onus is on the employee to have everything documented and even photographed, if possible. Make sure you report everything in great detail and also include the names of any witnesses on the scene when the injury occurred.

If the injury occurred at work and was associated with a work-related activity in the presence of other people, then in most cases, you will receive workers’ compensation. However, in some cases, the employer may feel that the injury occurred while you were at lunch or horse playing or the healthcare provider who assesses you may feel the injury is trivial.


Get the Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Deserve with Assistance from Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

If you have suffered an injury and are being denied benefits, you should consult a personal injury lawyer immediately. At Bader Law firm, we have a team of professionals who can help fight your case and get you the deserved compensation. Keep in mind that there are several loopholes that the employer’s insurance company could use to undermine your claims. Our legal team has dealt with many similar cases, and we are aware of how to handle these insurance companies and how to use the information you provide to us to your maximum advantage. Being injured at work is associated with not only physical damage but also emotional stress and trauma. The last thing you need is a legal battle that is beyond your control. Contact us now, and we will ensure that your interests remain first.

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