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Georgia More Generous to Injured Workers than Neighbor States

According to a recent study by Safety National, an alternative risk insurance provider, Wisconsin was found to be the best, with only 11 percent of respondents in Wisconsin stating that they faced serious problems getting medical care. On the other hand, states like Florida and Georgia came in at around 20 percent. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage Georgians who are dealing with serious work-related injuries. Although satisfaction may be poor, the outcomes are still much better than in neighboring Alabama and Florida.

Georgia Has Among the Lowest Workers’ Compensation Premiums in the Country


As of 2014, Georgia ranks 32nd in the nation for premiums. This is a good number, because it means the cost is less than the majority of other states. This according to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, which releases the results of its research once every two years. This number is down from 29th place just two years earlier. Further, Georgia’s premiums are less than both Florida and Alabama.

How Does Your State Affect Your Case?


In a telling episode of National Public Radio (NPR), two injured men are compared to highlight the disparity in treatment, depending on which state people are injured in. Two men are injured in the same factory, but one is a Georgia resident and the other an Alabama resident. The Alabama man received just $45,000 for the loss of his arm, while the Georgia man will receive upwards of $740,000 over his lifetime for losing an arm. While every case is unique, this story really does underscore the favorable laws put in place to protect Georgia workers.

Compare Florida, Alabama and Georgia Compensation by Injury


While giving an exact valuation of an injury is difficult until the whole case is evaluated,, an independent public interest organization, provides an interesting comparison tool that allows you to compare what your injury is worth, depending on where you live. These estimates are based on publicly available data and statutory injury payment schedules. Again, however, one should consult an experienced Georgia workers’ compensation attorney before accepting any offer from an employer’s insurer.

Injury Florida Alabama Georgia
Lost Pinky Finger $6,315 $3,520 $13,125
Lost Foot $65,045 $30,580 $70,875
Lost Eye $110,513 $27,280 $118,125
Lost Leg $110,513 $44,000 $118,125

Why Aggressive Legal Representation Is So Important


It is easy to think your employer is trying to help you. They might set you up with appointments, send you to a doctor and pay the bill. This all seems helpful and caring, but what many people do not realize is that many of these things are simply required under the law. Further, workers’ compensation insurers require that employers follow strict procedures following a reported workplace injury. While your supervisor may be wonderful, his job is to follow the rules to a “T.” While you may think your injury is limited to a hurt back or broken bone, you may have far more serious long-term injuries that you just can’t see yet. If you rely on the insurance company to give you a settlement, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

If you are an injured Georgia worker, do not face this battle alone. Fight for the compensation you deserve. Call an experienced Savannah, GA workers’ compensation attorney at the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers for a free case review today.

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