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How Much Is My Georgia Car Accident Claim Worth?

You were seriously hurt in a car accident and now you need to work to obtain compensation. You are likely wondering how much money you can expect from a claim and how long the process will take. These are among the most common questions after a car accident. While you want to quickly get the money you need to pay for your medical expenses, it is important to make sure that you get enough money to cover your damages.

There is no exact prediction that can be made ahead of time to know what your settlement offer will be. However, there are some factors that are used in the calculation of a settlement. Every accident is unique and the injuries are different. An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney will review your claim to help determine what it may be worth.


How Is a Georgia Car Accident Claim Calculated?

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Seth Bader is an Atlanta based car accident lawyer advocating for Georgia Car Accident Victims.

In order to understand your accident claim, it is helpful to know how insurance companies calculate claims. There are some factors that are taken into consideration when an insurance adjuster reviews your injuries. Some factors include the severity of the injury, whether you had any fault in the accident and what the average medical costs are for the type of injuries you sustained. For instance, head trauma may be worth more than a broken arm.

Even though you may have submitted your actual medical bills, you may be surprised to learn that you might get an offer that is less than what you owe. That can happen because adjusters use formulas and averages that determine how much a particular type of injury should cost.

Some insurance companies also use special computer programs such as Colossus. Colossus is a computer program that calculates how much should be paid on a specific type of injury. Many of the large insurance companies use this program to compute settlements.


What to Do If You Are Offered a Low Settlement

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, so you can be sure that they want to settle claims for as little as possible. They may try to make you a quick settlement offer that will sound tempting, especially when you are in need of money after your accident. However, it can be a mistake to take this first settlement offer. You have the right to decline an offer.

If an offer is too low, do not agree to it and do not cash the check. If the situation arises you may be better off negotiating a larger settlement. You can accomplish this more easily with help from an Atlanta car accident attorney.


Call an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Today

Your lawyer will review your claim and negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a fair settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will proceed to court. Fortunately, insurance companies generally prefer to settle cases out of court whenever possible. Juries may be sympathetic to people who were severely injured and the result may not be favorable to the company.

If you were injured in an Atlanta car accident, contact the experienced legal team at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers today for a free case review.

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