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Feed Mill Explosion

Farming seems like a fairly mundane profession. Sure, it involves hard work and long hours, but it is rare that one sees any exciting news in the world of farming. This is not necessarily a bad thing – along with the lack of excitement it would seem as though there would be a lower risk of danger associated with this type of work. This was not the case recently, though, when an explosion at a feed mill associated with chicken farming killed one person and injured numerous others. According to the report, the explosion caused the fatality and injuries and also caused a structure on the property to collapse as well. The cause of the explosion was being investigated, but several suggestions for why the explosion occurred included thoughts that there was a natural gas explosion in the collapsed structure, or that it may have been a dust explosion caused by stored corn and grain particles. Whatever the cause, this incident highlights the fact that there can always be danger associated with any line of work – even on that is seemingly safe.

Injured On The Job – What Types of Injuries Are Covered?

In general, if an employee is performing their job and is injured while doing so, the injury will be covered by workers’ compensation. There are exceptions when the injury is the result of non-work related behavior, such as drinking on the job, not following company policy, horseplay at the worksite, or if an injury is self-inflicted. But, aside from these exceptions, a wide range of injuries are typically covered under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws. Some of these may include neck and back injuries, heart attacks and strokes on the job, cuts, burns, broken bones, head injuries and concussions, and amputations, to name a few of the more common types of injuries.

What About the Worst Type of Injury – Death?

As traumatic as some of the covered injuries may be, the worst possible work-related injury would be death.  In cases where employees are killed on the job, their survivors would be entitled to receive certain death benefits. According to Georgia Code § 34-9-265, in Georgia, dependents of a worker who has been killed on the job are entitled to receive up to $7,500 in benefits for burial expenses as well as weekly benefits in amounts which are determined by the deceased worker’s wages. These weekly benefits can also be received as a lump sum. Overall, benefit amounts are adjusted over time and the exact amount of the death benefit and duration of the benefit period is determined based on each individual case.

When Workplace Injuries Occur, Contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

No matter what type of injury is sustained as a result of a workplace accident, you will want to find out the facts about what you are entitled to receive. If you or a loved one has been injured at work, contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers for an honest and accurate assessment of your case. Our legal professionals will help you understand your rights and how to pursue them. Contact us by calling directly, or contact us or online today.

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