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Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

With the recent cold spell experienced by much of the country, even in the greater Atlanta area, driving conditions are not always at their best. When weather conditions deteriorate, the road crew personnel must go out into these same conditions that most of us try to avoid to help us get back to our normal routine as soon as possible. This means that these employees are often out working in dangerous conditions of all types – working long hours, in extreme temperatures, on slippery or icy roads. Employers are required to provide a safe working environment for their employees – but what happens when the conditions in which the employees are required to work are inherently dangerous?

When Accidents Happen at Work, Get Medical Attention First

In so many instances, not just in these extreme conditions related to winter weather, preventive measures will only go so far in keeping working conditions safe. Just like with weather-related unsafe working conditions, employers may have very little control over keeping a workplace free from hazardous conditions. When accidents do happen in these situations, the most important thing is to get the medical care for your injuries that you need. According to Georgia law, an employer, along with having the responsibility of providing a safe workplace, also has other responsibilities – one of which is to post information about medical providers so that an injured worker readily has that information when they need it. The employer may meet this posting requirement in one of two ways; in general,

  1. The employer may post a list of at least six doctors, one of which must be an orthopedic physician, and no more than two may be industrial clinics. When possible, a minority physician needs to be one of the six listed as well. This requirement of six may be adjusted in cases where it can be shown that there are not at least six doctors that are readily accessible.
  2. The employer may alternately post the name of the Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization  (WC/MCO) that is contracted to provide medical services to injured workers. If an employer meets the posting requirement in this way, it must provide a toll free number where someone can be reached 24 hours a day. A managed care representative will then work with the injured employee to arrange an appointment with a medical provider.

What Types of Medical Expenses Are Covered?

Under Georgia law, workers’ compensation provides for coverage for all authorized medical bills, including those from doctors and hospitals, for physical therapy, for any medications that are required, and also for travel expenses if they are necessary. In cases in which injuries are more severe or long-lasting, the coverage extends to expenses for both medical and vocational rehabilitation.

Contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers If You Have Been Injured on the Job   

When workplace accidents occur, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation to help you recover from your injuries. The attorneys at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can help you to learn about the types of expenses that are covered and what you can expect to happen with your workers’ compensation case. Contact us today by phone or online to schedule your no-cost consultation to get started.

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