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New Delta Uniforms Cause Rash and Irritations

When major American Airline Delta unveiled their new “Passport Plum” uniforms in 2018, it was done to much fanfare — including a fashion show with employees in a red carpet event.

New York Fashion Designer Zac Posen was tasked with designing the 64,000 plus uniforms to a like-number of employees to give the Delta fleet a sleek, new look. The manufacturer, Wisconsin-based Land’s End, would go on to produce these uniforms.

Barely a year later, Land’s End finds themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit filed by two Delta employees alleging those uniforms cause skin rashes, headaches, and fatigue. The proposed class-action was filed Wednesday.

Delta is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.


Delta Uniform Lawsuit

One of the employees, who is from nearby Sandy Springs, is looking for $5 million in damages for the suffering the two dresses, pantsuit and sweater set caused alongside the co-plaintiff.

Specifically, the purple dye is what’s in question for what could cause these skin ailments. One of the defendants alleges the dye transferred onto her body, sheets, clothes, and bathtub, which over the course of a year caused skin reactions, headaches, and low white cell blood counts.


Uniform Testing and Rollout

Though Delta and Land’s End claim they tested every element of the uniforms, employees still claim to have skin issues. The official language of the suit states Land’s End was “negligent in failing to use reasonable care in designing, manufacturing, marketing, labeling and selling the uniforms.”

“Although Delta and Lands’ End conducted in-depth testing during every step of development, a small number of employees have reported skin irritations,” Delta said in a written statement. “While less than one percent of employees in the new uniform program have reported issues, Delta takes this very seriously and is working directly with employees on solutions that meet their individual needs.”

Since Delta employees are non-union, the suit alleges any employee experiencing these issues are too afraid to come forward and complain about the uniforms. A total of 24,000 flight attendants and 40,000 gate agents were forced to wear these uniforms.


Call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one were one of these Delta employees who has experienced any of the above symptoms, call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers today. Our attorneys can help your claim make it to the class-action level and get the workers compensation you deserve.

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