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Dangerous Industries for Workers

There are many workers each year who are involved in workplace accidents that suffer injuries while on the job. Certain industries are prone to a higher rate of worker injuries due to the nature or the type or work that is involved in these industries. Workers who are employed in industries with a higher rate of worker injuries need to be aware of their right to workers’ compensation benefits in the event that they are injured on the job, and need to know what they should do if they ultimately end up getting hurt while working. Injured workers in Atlanta need to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible after suffering their work-related injuries.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts annual studies concerning the rate of work related injuries by state and by industry. According to the most recent available data, which is from 2014, the incident rate of non-fatal workplace injuries was 2.9 for every 100 workers in Georgia (see Chart 4). This means that nearly three out of every 100 workers in Georgia experienced a work related injury in 2014.


What Industries Are at Higher Risk for Work-Related Injuries?


It makes logical sense that workers who are employed in more dangerous lines of work are going to be exposed to a higher risk of suffering a work related injury, and thus these industries would have a higher rate of work-related injury reports.  Workplace accidents and injuries in Georgia have increased in certain industries over the years, including manufacturing, production, mining, agriculture, and construction.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks work related injury data by state, some of the industries in Georgia with the highest rate of non-fatal injuries for 2014 include poultry processing, home center building material and supplies retail, paper manufacturing, printing, and manufacturing of carpets, rugs and fabrics. The industries with the highest rate of worker fatalities in 2014 include agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, mining operations, quarrying, and oil and gas production, construction, and manufacturing.


Some of the most dangerous types of jobs that workers can have place workers at risk for suffering physical harm from their work environment. Some of the most dangerous jobs in Georgia include:


  • Demolition jobs;
  • Construction jobs;
  • Metalworking jobs;
  • Welding;
  • Masonry, stone and tile work;
  • Excavating jobs;
  • Mining and quarrying jobs; and
  • Oil and gas extraction jobs.


These jobs are so dangerous because workers are constantly working with large, heavy and dangerous equipment or they work with explosives. This puts workers in danger of suffering crushing injuries, pinch injuries, blast injuries, amputations, impalements, injuries from falling objects or tools, injuries from falling from heights, platforms, or ladders, and injuries from explosions or fires.  


Transportation is another line of work that is very dangerous for workers. Whether workers are driving big rig trucks for long-haul deliveries, or workers are just driving across town to give a sales pitch as part of their job, a worker being in transit is one of the most dangerous lines of work. When it comes to worker fatalities, roadway accidents and other transportation accidents are the leading cause of worker death in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is because these workers drive for a living and are place at a higher risk for being involved in automobile accidents while driving for work due to the frequency by which they are on the road in the first place.


There is also a realm of workers who are exposed to less traditional forms of harm while on the job. Workers who are employed in the healthcare, scientific, and research worlds are also placed at risk while on the job. These workers are exposed to biological hazards, such as blood borne pathogens or contagious diseases, and may be regularly exposed to poisons, chemicals or toxins while performing their job duties. While there are protocols for promoting safety for these types of workers, such as using appropriate personal protection equipment (e.g., gloves, lab coats, eye protection, respirators, ventilators, etc.), and safety protocols and procedures for workers to follow, accidents always happen. A nurse could accidentally be stuck by a used needle, a lab tech could accidentally mix incompatible chemicals, or a researcher could drop, or improperly seal, a hazardous sample. Any of these example scenarios could lead to workers becoming sick or injured while on the job.


All Workers May Suffer a Work-Related Injury


But danger lurks in all types of jobs, no matter what industry you work in. Accidents can happen in any work environment, from a classroom, to an office, to a retail counter. Even in what would seem to be the safest of work environments, there is still room for freak accidents, or minor mishaps, that can cause serious injuries to workers. A few typical workplace accidents that could happen in any work environment include:


  • Catastrophic accidents, such as roof collapses, building collapses and work-related injuries that are the result of acts of nature.
  • Motor vehicle accidents.
  • Slip and fall accidents occurring on a work premises.
  • Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, from years of doing the same task over and over as part of your job.
  • Eye strain injuries from working at a computer for too long, or from reading overly small text in inadequate lighting for too long.  


The dangers that workers face in the workplace are real and multi-faceted, and each job offers its own version of workplace risk for workers.


Need Help With Your Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Claim? Call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

While certain industries have a higher rate of work-related injury or death, each work environment presents its own dangers to workers who are employed there. Workplace accidents can take many different forms, and workers in all types of industry can suffer a work-related injury. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers has a lengthy record of assisting injured workers attorney in Atlanta with seeking workers’ compensation benefits.  Let us help you with every aspect your workers’ compensation claim. Please feel free to contact us today.

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