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Compensation for Personal Injuries Cases in the State of Georgia

Compensation for Personal Injuries Cases in the State of Georgia

There are numerous types of damages a claimant in a personal injury case can be compensated for in the state of Georgia.  If you are involved in an accident or sustain a personal injury some other way, it is important that you understand the types of damages you may be able to recover.  This list is intended to provide a general overview of damage types.  You should consult with an attorney regarding the type of personal injury you have sustained, and identify damages you may be entitled to.

Pain and Suffering

Personal injury cases frequently include pain and suffering.  It is important that you take notes, keeping track of your pain and suffering on a daily basis.  The more detailed information you can provide to your attorney, the more likely you will receive the full compensation you deserve.  Pain and suffering can be very personal and embarrassing.  Be sure to be honest with your attorney.  Do not overstate and do not understate your pain and suffering with your attorney.  Remember to update your attorney on your pain and suffering while your case proceeds toward resolution.

Lost Wages

Lost wages can be recovered if you lose time at work or are out of work because of a personal injury.  This can include overtime lost as a result of your injury.  It is important to provide your attorney documentation of your lost wages.  This could include paycheck stubs, income tax returns, W-2 and other financial documents.  Consider past lost wages, current lost wages and future lost wages.  Do not forget that some injuries can require future medical proceedings that will result in medical expenses and also further lost wages.

Physical Disability

Some personal injury cases involve physical disability. This physical disability can be temporary or permanent.  It is important that you provide your attorney with all medical records supporting your claim for damages for physical disability.  It is also important to provide evidence of how any physical disability has affected your daily life, including your ability to do your job.

Medical Bills

It is common that someone that sustains an injury will incur medical bills.  Once again, record keeping is very important.  Keep track of all hospital bills, doctor bills, including any specialist bills, pharmacy bills, physical therapy bills, including occupational therapists, and any bills from any other medical professionals.

Transportation Charges

There are a number of transportation charges you can recover in a personal injury case.  This can include the cost of car rental if you are involved in a car accident.  It can include the cost of an ambulance ride.  You may be able to recover for any mileage to and from medical appointments. Do not forget charges incurred on public transportation, if that’s how you get to your doctor’s office.  Write everything down and provide that information to your attorney.


Unfortunately, personal injury cases often involve physical disfigurement.  This can require treatment by a plastic surgeon or other medical professionals.  Track all efforts taken to overcome this disfigurement.  Also keep careful track of how the disfigurement has impacted your life.  How has it changed your relationships?  How has it changed your interactions in public?  Careful documentation can positively affect your lawyer’s ability to maximize your compensation.

Mental Anguish or Disability

Physical injuries sustained in a personal injury case can cause mental anguish or disability.  It is crucial that you track your mental status on a daily basis in an honest and open manner.  Do not be embarrassed and do not over or under state your symptoms.  Provide this information to your attorney as soon as possible and update him or her regularly throughout the time your case is pending.

Property Damage

Personal injury case compensation is not limited to the person, but can also include compensation for any property damage.  The most common example is damage done to your automobile in a car accident.  If the other party caused the accident and damage to your vehicle, you are entitled to compensation.  Any other damage to your property that arises from your personal injury claim can also be recovered.

Loss of Companionship

The personal injury you have experienced can affect others and impact your relationships.  You are entitled to damages that you and any companions have experienced as a result of your injuries.  This can include losses during recovery time and permanent losses from injuries sustained causing changes in lifestyle.  Talk to friends about how this injury has changed your relationships.  Sometimes you may not even be aware of how your injuries have affected your relationships with others.  Document this information and provide that information to your attorney.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Loss of enjoyment of life can result from a personal injury.  Sometimes the injured are not able to do the activities they used to enjoy prior to the injury.  Make a record of all the things you used to be able to do that you can no longer do.  Ask friends about their observations about changes they have observed in your life.

Did You Suffer a Personal Injury in the State of Georgia?

This article explains some of the damages you can recover if you sustain a personal injury.  Knowing the type of damage you have experienced does not mean you are equipped to represent yourself.  An experienced, knowledgeable attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.  With any type of damage you have suffered, it is critical that you record any information possible to provide to your attorney.  If you are not sure that it is “important enough,” record it and provide it to you attorney.  Let your attorney decide what is important and what is not.  In science there is a saying: “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.”  Adopt that saying.

If you have been injured in the state of Georgia, please contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers.  We will meet with you to discuss your case at no charge.  Contact us today.

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