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How Do Claims for Personal Injury in Rome, GA Work?

You may have heard of personal injury claims, but never had an encounter with one until you got hurt because of the negligent act of another. Personal injury cases occur when someone is liable for your injuries. If you are hurt, and someone else is at fault, you need a Rome GA personal attorney to assist you in your claims.

Rome, GA, personal injury cases can occur virtually anywhere. When you are on someone else’s property, it is their responsibility to maintain it and ensure that there are no safety hazards. Slick floors, unkept stairways, fault elevators and icy sidewalks are just some of the ways that a property owner would be negligent in a Rome, GA, personal injury case.

You can also be hurt by a product that fails to provide warning claims. If this product makes your sick or causes injury, you have a Rome, GA, personal injury claim against the manufacturer. This also bodes for medical device manufacturers that fail to warn about side effects of their devices. A Rome attorney can help you determine if you have a case.

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It is important to note that Rome, GA, personal injury claims can occur against people as well as companies. In both instances, they are required to keep you safe when on their property or using their products. Sometimes Rome personal injury in Georgia occurs against a family member. They too have responsibilities to prevent accidents from occurring. While it is difficult to think about filing a suit against a family member for a Rome, GA, personal injury claim, it is often necessary to get the compensation you need to pay for your injuries and the damages you have suffered.

Working with a Rome, personal injury attorney puts a buffer between you and your family member and allows them to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Trying to get money from family members can be tough and often times it causes an argument. A Rome personal injury attorney can allow you to remain neutral in these family cases and receive compensation for your personal injuries from them.

What is Paid in a Rome, GA, Personal Injury Claim?

There are several ways to go about getting compensation for your Rome case. A personal injury attorney in Rome, GA, can help you recognize what your true damages are for your injuries. They can help you calculate your losses and put a value on the settlement that you are looking to obtain.

In a Rome, GA, personal injury claim, you are able to seek damages for a variety of losses due to your injuries from an accident. This can allow you to be financially compensated for your damages and move forward with your life knowing that you have a settlement to lean on if you are unable to work or have mounting medical bills.

Your settlement award figures the medical expenses you incurred from your injury or the wages you lost out on due to your recovery. Damages in a lawsuit also include medical treatment or wages paid in the future. Your injuries may be severe from the accident, and a Rome personal injury attorney can help you determine what future expenses you will have because you were hurt by another.

Your claim may also include pain and suffering that you endured because of an accident. The emotional suffering and mental anguish can be insurmountable and you need compensation to help you get over the accident.

Beyond these damages, you can seek consortium losses or loss or companionship awards and loss of enjoyment settlement payments. There is also the opportunity to receive punitive damages if the judge determines they are necessary to help in the damages of your case. Punitive damages occur if there are special findings in a case that show that a defendant was particularly egregious in their actions. It works as additional financial punishment towards them and helps to deter others from the same actions.

Consult with a Rome, GA Personal Injury Lawyer to Schedule a Consultation

When injured because of the negligent actions of another party, rely on a Rome personal injury attorney to get you the settlement award you deserve. The Rome personal injury attorneys at the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can help. They will fight for your legal rights and get you the justice for your injury case. Contact us today for a consultation.

Seth Bader is an Auto accident, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney who practices in Atlanta, Rome, Savannah, Norcross, Carrollton, Georgia. He graduated from Florida State University College of Law, and has been practicing law for 14 years. Seth Bader believes in fighting for the injured. Learn more about his experience by clicking here.

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