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City Of Atlanta Continues To Ignore Injured Policemens Workers Compensation Concerns

Imagine risking your life day-in and day-out in an effort to improve and uphold the safety of Atlanta, only to have that same city renege on its promise to medically compensate your on-the-job injuries. Debilitated policemen and women across Atlanta have been facing this dilemma for years and are continuing to fight it.

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin has recently diverted the media’s focus to a comment directed toward her by a frustrated officer named Scott Kreher, who expressed his aggravation by saying he wanted to “beat Franklin with a baseball bat.” Kreher was suspended from protecting the streets for this ill-perceived “threat.”

The injured policemen and women, many of whom are wheelchair-ridden, have had their medical bill concerns fall on deaf ears, according to the article.  Earning a salary that hardly speaks for the bravery and dedication that they maintain, the cops have a legitimate worry when facing financially steep, weekly trips to the doctor.

Franklin, who reportedly claims she does not “know a person who wants anyone to say, ‘I want to beat you in the head,'” went so far as to have the feds investigate the comment made by Sgt. Kreher. Clearly, Franklin is not entirely in touch with the hostility in her own city, as such “objects of violence” are exhibited and directed toward her own policemen on a daily basis.

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