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Safe work environment hard hats

Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits If I Am Partly to Blame for the Accident?

When a worker is injured on the job it is generally considered a workers’ compensation …

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Construction workers

Is My Injury Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Every year, thousands of people are injured while on the job. In general, if an …

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What to Do If You Were Injured at Work in Rome, Georgia

If you were injured while on the job in Rome or elsewhere in Georgia there …

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independent medical exam for workers comp

What is an Independent Medical Exam and Do I Have to Agree?

Workers’ compensation claims are one of the most complex areas of law. Insurance companies are …

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workers' compensation denial

What Can I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Denied?

You were injured on the job and submitted a workers’ compensation claim. Now you find …

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Bader Law Atlanta Workers Compensation Lawyer

What is an Idiopathic Injury in an Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If you have been injured at work, and if your injury is directly related to …

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Atlanta Lawyer for Workers Compensation

Be Aware of Your Rights and Avoid Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Mistakes

When you need workers’ compensation benefits because you’ve been injured on the job, you don’t …

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Compensation for Workers’ Compensation Claims in the State of Georgia

Workers’ compensation claims reimburse you for any loss of income, medical expenses and rehabilitation services …

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Legislative Changes 2

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation recently released the 2008 edition of the Workers’ Compensation …

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