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Personal Injury Lawyer Rome Georgia

How Do Claims for Personal Injury in Rome, GA Work?

You may have heard of personal injury claims, but never had an encounter with one …

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Savannah Personal Injury Lawyer Georgia

How Are Savannah Personal Injury Claims Calculated?

Your Savannah, GA personal injury claim allows you to seek compensation for a variety of …

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Getting a Reasonable Accommodation or Reduced Earning Benefits Upon Returning to Work After a Workers’ Compensation Injury

Many workers are injured while on the job in Atlanta every year. These injured workers …

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What Happens After a Worker Is Injured on the Job

When a worker is injured while on the job in Georgia, the injured worker is …

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Ocga A 349105 When Award Deemed Final Appeal To Superior Court Grounds For Setting Aside Decisions Appeal To Court Of Appeals

(a) Any award of the administrative law judge provided for in Code Section 34-9-102 for …

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Ocga A 349413 Elements Of Program Applicable Confidentiality Standards

(a)  A drug-free workplace program must contain the following elements: (1)  Written policy statement as …

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Ocga A 3491 Definitions

As used in this chapter, the term: (1)  “Board” means the State Board of Workers’ …

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Ocga A 3497 Presumption Of Applicability Of Chapter To Contracts Between Employers And Employees Covered By Chapter

Every contract of service between an employer and an employee covered by this chapter, whether …

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Ocga A 349412 Insurance Premium Discount

If an employer work organization implements a drug-free workplace program substantially in accordance with subsections …

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