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Personal Injury Lawyer Rome Georgia

How Do Claims for Personal Injury in Rome, GA Work?

You may have heard of personal injury claims, but never had an encounter with one …

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Savannah Personal Injury Lawyer Georgia

How Are Savannah Personal Injury Claims Calculated?

Your Savannah, GA personal injury claim allows you to seek compensation for a variety of …

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Getting a Reasonable Accommodation or Reduced Earning Benefits Upon Returning to Work After a Workers’ Compensation Injury

Many workers are injured while on the job in Atlanta every year. These injured workers …

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What Happens After a Worker Is Injured on the Job

When a worker is injured while on the job in Georgia, the injured worker is …

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Ocga A 349354 Creation And Appointment Of Board Of Trustees Duties Term Of Office Of Members And Chairman Oath Of Office

(a) There is created a Board of Trustees of the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund composed …

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Ocga A 3494121 Certification

A self-insured employer or an employer member of a group self-insurance fund who implements a …

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Ocga A 349222 Lump Sum Payments Of All Or Part Of Compensation Generally

(a)  Upon the application of any party when benefits have been continued for a period …

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Ocga A 349103 Appeal Of Decision Remand Reconsideration Amendment Or Revision Of Award

(a) Any party dissatisfied with a decision of an administrative law judge of the trial …

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