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From receptionist to Human Resources Director – The Story of David Lopez

The American dream is possible, and you can achieve it! David López, a Puerto Rican …

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How Your Social Media Posts Can Jeopardize your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury cases can very difficult. Many elements play a role in how the case …

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The Risks Mothers Take When Driving with Children

Mothers know what’s best for their children, but it’s easy to forget about the dangers …

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Women Are Fighting For Their Rights IN THE WORKPLACE

It’s been a long road for women in the workplace. Throughout history, one can see …

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seat belt

Protect and Love: Fasten Your Seatbelt

Valentine’s day should be celebrated daily. Love is a commitment that one decides to accept …

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What to Do After a Rear-End Collision in Atlanta

Collisions occur with a great deal of frequency. According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of …

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How to Prepare for a Workers’ Compensation Deposition

One part of your workers’ compensation case will require you to answer questions under oath. …

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La Firma De Abogados Bader es Nombrada Firma De Abogados Oficial De Atlanta United 2

  La firma de abogados de lesiones, con sede en Atlanta, se convierte en patrocinador …

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Bader Scott Injury Lawyers Named The Official Law Firm of Atlanta United 2

The Atlanta-based injury law firm becomes official sponsor of second team. ATLANTA (Mar. 26, 2018) …

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