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Ocga 349365 Injuries To Which Article Is Applicable

The effective date of this article is March 23, 1977, but it shall apply only …

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Ocga 349366 Binding Of Fund To Questions Determined In Proceedings To Which It Was Not A Party

The fund shall not be bound as to any question of law or fact by …

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Ocga 349368 Reimbursement Of Selfinsured Employers Or Insureds Actuarial Study Required Dissolution Of Subsequent Injury Trust Fund

(a)  The Subsequent Injury Trust Fund shall not reimburse a self-insured employer or an insurer …

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Ocga 349362 Notice By Employer Or Insurer Of Claim Against Fund Request For A Hearing

(a)  An employer or insurer shall notify the administrator of the fund of any possible …

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Ocga 349354 Creation And Appointment Of Board Of Trustees Duties Term Of Office Of Members And Chairman Oath Of Office

(a)  There is created a Board of Trustees of the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund composed …

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Ocga 349353 Surety Bonds Of Administrator And Custodian

The administrator and the custodian, before entering upon the performance of their duties, shall each …

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