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Ocga 349355 Appointment Of Administrator Merit System Coverage Administration Of Article Members Of Retirement System

(a)  The board of trustees shall appoint the administrator of the fund, and he shall …

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Ocga 349352 Creation And Authority Of Subsequent Injury Trust Fund Director Of Office Of Treasury And Fiscal Services As Custodian

There is established a Subsequent Injury Trust Fund which shall be of a perpetual, nonlapsing …

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Ocga 349350 Purpose And Construction Of Article

It is the purpose of this article to encourage the employment of persons with disabilities …

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Ocga 349361 Employers Knowledge Of Employees Preexisting Permanent Impairment

It shall be incumbent upon the employer to establish that the employer had reached an …

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Ocga 3493511 Exclusion From Eligibility For Reimbursement Of Certain Selfinsured Employers

Employers which are self-insured with regard to workers’ compensation benefits but which are not authorized …

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Ocga 349359 Reports By Employers Of Compensation And Benefits Paid Failure To Pay Assessments

(a)  As soon as practicable after January 1 but not later than January 31 of …

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Ocga 349364 Apportionment Or Denial Of Reimbursement For Expenses Paid By Employer Or Insurer

The administrator of the fund may apportion or deny the employer or insurer reimbursement from …

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