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Workers Compensation & Friendships At Stake

Nowadays, when it is easier to establish a close friendship with your boss, you must …

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Can I Be Compensated For A Occupational Lung Damage Or Lung Disease

Yes.  If you have suffered a lung injury or occupational disease as a result of …

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Workers Compensation Attorney

Georgia workers’ compensation law is a complex area of the law that requires injured workers …

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Do You Recommend Getting An Attorney Even If The Insurance Adjuster Has Seemed Helpful

Yes.  The goal for most insurance adjusters is reduce the cost of a workers’ compensation …

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Can I Receive Workers Compensation For An Injury Resulting From Carelessness

Yes.  An injured worker who is injured as a result of his or her carelessness …

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What Should I Do If I Receive A Medical Bill

Medical providers sometimes send medical bills to injured workers either by mistake or because they …

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What Happens If I Become Permanently Disabled

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits, which are also known as PPD Benefits.  These benefits are paid …

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Am I Required To Settle My Case At A Settlement Mediation

No.  Neither you nor your employer or its insurance company are required to settle your …

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Why Should I Hire Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

We aggressively represent each of our clients to pursue the maximum recovery of benefits available …

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