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Medical Benefits

ACHECAR, FREDDY A 4403 Paces Battle, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30327 ACHILLES, CHAD MICHAEL Emory University …

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Focusing On The Future Of Spinal Cord Injuries

Progress has been made through regeneration research and experimental therapeutics designed to promote functionally and …

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Notable Changes To Medical Fee Schedule 2009

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation (SBWC) recently posted a list of notable changes to …

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Perfumeaggravated Preexisting Condition Found Compensable

Jon Gelman, Esq., publisher of Workers’ Compensation: Analysis of Trends and Developments in Workers’ Compensation …

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Psychological Injuries

<img width="160" hspace="3" height="170" border="3" alt=" The Georgia Court of Appeals recently affirmed well-settled law …

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What Is Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a benefits program created by the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act to provide …

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What Are My Workers Compensation Rights As An Injured Worker

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law provides workers in the State of Georgia with certain rights should …

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What Are My Workers Compensation Responsibilities As An Injured Worker

Along with providing workers in Georgia with certain rights, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law provides workers …

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What Happens If My Employer Does Not Have A List Of Doctors

To view other Workers’ Compensation Questions and Answers, click on the “Q & A” Button.

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