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Board Rule 382 Purpose

(a)  The purpose of creating a Self-Insurers Guaranty Trust Fund is to make payments in …

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Ocga 349380 Purpose Of Article

It is the purpose of this article through the establishment of a guaranty trust fund …

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Board Rule 381 Definitions As Used In This Article

(a)  “Applicant” means an employee entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. (b)  “Board” means the State …

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Ocga 349381 Definitions

As used in this article, the term: (1)  “Applicant” means an employee entitled to workers’ …

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Ocga 349382 Establishment Of Selfinsurers Guaranty Trust Fund Use Of Fund Application To Be Accepted In Fund

(a)  There is established a Self-insurers Guaranty Trust Fund for the sole purpose of making …

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Ocga 349383 Membership Of Board Of Trustees Of Fund

(a) Each member of the board of trustees shall be an employee of a participant.  …

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Ocga 349384 General Powers Of Board Of Trustees

The board of trustees shall possess all powers necessary and convenient to accomplish the objectives …

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Ocga 349386 Assessment Of Participants Liability Of Fund And Participants For Claims Revocation Of Participants Authority To Be Selfinsured

(a) (1)  The board of trustees shall, commencing January 1, 1991, assess each participant in …

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Ocga 349389 State Absolved Of Responsibility For Debts Incurred Under Fund

The State of Georgia shall not be responsible for any debts incurred as a result …

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