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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Rome Georgia

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Rome, GA

Riding a motorcycle allows you to experience the road with total freedom. But, it can …

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Change Of Condition V Fictional New Injury

When a doctor releases an injured worker to light-duty work, or work with restrictions (such …

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What Are My Workers Compensation Rights As An Injured Worker

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law provides workers in the State of Georgia with certain rights should …

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What Are My Workers Compensation Responsibilities As An Injured Worker

Along with providing workers in Georgia with certain rights, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law provides workers …

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Are Workers Compensation Laws The Same In All States

Workers’ compensation laws are similar in many states, but each state has its own unique …

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Am I Required To Stay In Georgia To Continue Receiving Workers Compensation

No.  If you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits and move to another state, you are …

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Ocga 349220 Period Of Incapacity Preceding Payment Of Compensation

No compensation shall be allowed for the first seven calendar days of incapacity resulting from …

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Board Rule 61b38 Form Wc243creditreduction Of Benefits

An employer/insurer seeking a credit pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 34-9-243 shall file this with the …

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Board Rule 260 Basis For Computing Compensation

(a)  Computation of wages shall include, in addition to salary, hourly pay, or tips, the …

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