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Mediation 1

(a)  An Alternative Dispute Resolution Division is established to resolve disputes without the necessity of …

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Looking For A Workmans Comp Attorney In Atlanta Ga

The Bader Law Firm represents injured workers and is dedicated to helping them obtain the …

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Workers Compensation Attorney

Georgia workers’ compensation law is a complex area of the law that requires injured workers …

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Why Should I Hire The Bader Law Firm

We aggressively represent each of our clients to pursue the maximum recovery of benefits available …

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How Much Will A Workers Compensation Attorney Charge To Handle My Case

Workers’ compensation attorneys usually handle cases on a contingent fee basis.  This means you don’t …

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Is My Attorney Required To Represent Me If I Want To File An Appeal

In general, a workers’ compensation attorney is not required to represent you if you want …

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What If I Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney But Later Become Dissatisfied With His Or Her Work

You may terminate your attorney for any reason; but if you are planning to, keep …

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Board Rule 61b12 Form Wc15 Attorney Certification For Noliability Stipulated Settlements

Must be attached to all no-liability stipulated settlements. Form WC-15/Attorney Certification for No-Liability Stipulation Settlements …

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Board Rule 61b23 Form Wc108a Attorney Fee Approval

An attorney shall file this form in order to request approval of a fee contract, …

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