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Bird/Lime Scooter Accidents – Carrollton

Scooters are a fun and environmentally friendly way to get around the city. These brightly colored scooters can be seen all over the city, and the number of them continues to grow. If you’re looking for a quick way to get across the city, you can rent one of these scooters from your phone. However, most people that rent these scooters have no experience, which can cause accidents. What do you do if you have been involved in a scooter accident in Carrollton?

Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are Bird scooter accident lawyers, and we understand the complexities of these cases. Unlike traditional vehicular accidents, what do you do if you’re hit by a scooter? Do you still trade insurance information? How will you receive compensation for your damages and injuries? Thankfully, an experienced attorney can help build your case and hold the right parties responsible. If you have been injured in a Bird or Lime scooter, you need to contact us immediately.


What are Bird and Lime scooters?

There are several scooters around the city, and they all have similar platforms. Much like the ridesharing craze, you can use an app on your phone to rent a Bird or Lime scooter. You must be 18 years old to ride the scooter, but that’s it. You’re not required to have any knowledge of scooter riding, and you don’t even have to wear a helmet.


Are Bird and Lime scooters safe?

These companies market their scooters as safe, but this isn’t always the case. Bird and Lime scooters are not still adequately maintained. These scooters don’t require regular safety inspections, which can make them even more dangerous.  Although they only travel around 15 mph, this is fast enough to cause severe injuries and damages. 

Traffic around our city can be intense, and those on scooters can weave around stopped vehicles. Most scooters are seen recklessly traveling around the city. It is easy for riders to run into cars or even pedestrians on the sidewalk. Also though it is illegal for Bird and Lime scooters to be on sidewalks, this is where most riders choose to travel. Since scooters are so small, riders feel like they are safer on the sidewalk.


What are the causes of Bird and Lime scooter accidents?

Even though accidents have different causes, there are some similarities in the cases we’ve handled. Most scooter accidents occur because of:

  • Poor Maintenance/Scooter Malfunctions: Scooters are rarely maintained, and if they are, it is by cheap mechanics. Since there are no safety standards, you don’t know what you’re getting when you rent a scooter. When you rent a scooter through the app, you agree not to hold Bird or Lime responsible if your scooter malfunctions. So, you could rent an unsafe scooter without even knowing.
  • Riding on sidewalks: As we mentioned previously, it is illegal for scooters to be on the sidewalks. Pedestrians use sidewalks to stay safe and get away from vehicles. Bicycles aren’t even allowed to go on sidewalks. There isn’t enough space for pedestrians and all these vehicles. So, accidents are common when scooters move to the sidewalk.
  • Poor Driving: You only need to prove you’re 18 to ride on a scooter, which means we have inexperienced scooter riders all over our city. Passengers of these scooters don’t even have to carry insurance, so it can be difficult finding your compensation. Also, scooter riders are supposed to follow the rules of the road, but they don’t. So, there has been an increase in scooter-related accidents in the last year.


I’ve been hit by a scooter. How can I recover my damages?

Even though you can’t go after the companies Lime and Bird, you can go after the rider. An experienced scooter accident attorney understands there are clauses in many types of insurance policies to cover these incidents. If the scooter rider has auto insurance, you can seek liability coverage with scooter accidents. You can also explore coverage from the rider’s homeowner insurance policy. You need the help of an experienced attorney, so you don’t miss out on your settlement.


An insurance company has contacted me, do I need representation? 

Yes. Insurance companies are a business, and they are going to only look at you as a number. If you do end up speaking with an insurance company, they will offer you a lower settlement. Many victims will take this compensation because they need it. We have decades of experience speaking with insurance companies. Having a lawyer on your side shows insurance companies that you are serious. Don’t miss out on the money you deserve by not hiring a skilled Bird and Lime accidents lawyer.


What are some risks of riding Bird and Lime scooters in Georgia?

When you get on one of these scooters, there are some immediate dangers you face. Injuries on a scooter can be severe because you don’t have any safety equipment. Some common injuries in scooter accidents include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, paralysis, and even death. It depends on the type of accident, but scooter riders are at a disadvantage without any safety equipment.


I’ve been involved in a scooter accident, now what? 

First, make sure that everyone involved in the accident is ok. Then, you should contact the police. Even though this isn’t a traditional vehicular accident, you will still need an accident report. Insurance companies rely on these reports to assign fault in crashes. The party responsible for the accident will need to pay for damages and costs associated with injuries. In Georgia, if you are awarded any fault in your accident, you could receive a smaller settlement. An experienced attorney will build you a strong claim to get you the compensation you deserve.


Our expert Bird and Lime scooter accident lawyers can help

Accidents can turn your entire life upside down, especially without proper support. If you or someone you know has been injured in a Bird or Lime scooter accident, contact us immediately. We’ll fight for you and get you proper compensation for your damages.

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