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Can My Employer Fire Me For Filing A Workers Compensation Claim

Georgia is an at-will employment state, so your employer can fire you for just about any reason; however, if your employer fired you or forced you to resign in retaliation for filing a workers’  compensation claim, you may have a basis for filing a civil lawsuit against your employer for “retaliatory discharge.”

Some other forms of employer retaliation are:

  • Failure to Promote
  • Adverse Wage Action
  • Refusal to Hire or Rehire
  • Threats of Adverse Action
  • Unwarranted Disciplinary Action
  • Unreasonable Change in Job Duties
  • Demotion or Negative Reassignement
  • Isolation or Intimidation in the Workplace
  • Interference with Workers’ Comp. Process

If you believe that you have experienced any of these forms of retaliation in response to filing a claim, you may wish to consult with an employment law attorney regarding your rights and the legal remedies that may be available to you.

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