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Board Rule 61b13 Form Wc20a Medical Report

This report and/or the HCFA 1500, HCFA 1450, and/or UB92 shall be completed and filed as follows:

(A)  The attending physician or other practitioner makes the report and forwards it along with office notes and other narratives to the employer/insurer as follows:

(i)  Within seven days of initial treatment;

(ii)  Upon the employee’s discharge by the attending physician;

(iii)  At least every three months until the employee is discharged;

(iv)  Upon the employee’s release to return to work;

(v)  When a permanent partial disability rating is determined.

(vi)  Pursuant to Rule 203(b).

(B)  The employer/insurer shall file the report including office notes and narratives with the Board within 10 days after receipt as follows:

(i)  When the report contains a permanent partial disability rating;

(ii)  Upon request of the Board; and,

(iii)  To comply with other rules and regulations of the Board.

(C)  The employer/insurer shall maintain copies of all medical reports and attachments in their files and shall not file medical reports except in compliance with this rule and Rule 200(c).

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