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Board Rule 384 Powers Of The Board Of Trustees

The Board of trustees shall possess all powers necessary to accomplish objectives prescribed in this article including the following:

(a)  Submit to the Board, for approval within 90 days from appointment, bylaws, rules, regulations, resolutions and application fee of $500.00.  Board of trustees may carry out its responsibilities by contract or other instrument; may purchase services, borrow money, purchase excess insurance, levy penalties and fines, and collect funds necessary to effectuate its activities.  The Board of trustees shall appoint, retain and employ staff necessary to achieve the purposes of the Board of trustees with expenses incurred paid from the Fund.

(b)  The Board of trustees shall meet quarterly or upon the call of the chairman issued to the trustees in writing not less than 48 hours prior to the day and hour of the meeting; upon a request submitted to the chairman 72 hours prior to the proposed day and hour by a majority of the trustees whereupon the chairman will provide notice as set forth above or by unanimous written agreement of the trustees.

(c)  Four trustees constitute a quorum.

(d)  The Board of trustees shall serve without compensation; each member will be entitled to reimbursement for actual expenses incurred in the discharge of his official duties.

(e)  The Board of trustees shall have the right to bring and defend actions in the name of the Fund.  Neither trustees nor their employers shall be liable for matters arising from or out of authorized conduct of the Fund in accordance with this article.

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