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Board Rule 127 Permits For Selfinsurance Establishment Of Offices

In order for a certificate to be granted by the Board under O.C.G.A. § 34-9-127, the employer desiring to become a self-insurer must designate an office in the State of Georgia for the handling of claims or, if claims are handled out of state, shall designate an agent located in the State of Georgia who shall be authorized to execute instruments for the payment of compensation in an emergency (or, if necessary).  Every service organization or office handling claims for self-insurance under the law shall be staffed during normal working hours and be available for immediate telephone contact with the Board and the public through a toll free telephone number.  During normal working hours at this office, at least one staff member shall be authorized to execute (negotiable instruments) checks for the payment of compensation.  Certificates to self-insure shall be continuous unless the self-insurer fails to meet the requirements of the Board.

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