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Bicycle Accidents and Injuries Still on the Rise

Bicycle riding is not just a fun fitness activity; it is also a mode of transportation for many people. It is an economical and eco-friendly way to get around town. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents and injuries continue to rise, even as vehicle safety technology helps reduce vehicle occupant deaths. Bicycle riders are virtually unprotected in a collision and may sustain serious and life-threatening injuries.


Injuries in Georgia Bicycle Accidents

Unfortunately, when a bicycle is in a collision with a car, the bicyclist often suffers serious injuries. Even at relatively slow speeds, a bicycle rider could be severely hurt or killed. The most common injuries in bicycle accidents include head trauma, neck and back injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 29 bicyclists were killed on Georgia roads in 2016, up from 23 in 2015. Of the serious injuries that occur to bicycle riders, head injuries are likely the most severe. Even when a rider is wearing a helmet, a traumatic brain injury can happen if the head hits the pavement or the vehicle with a hard impact.


Preventing Bicycle Accidents in Georgia

Drivers of motorized vehicles and bicyclists must share the road and are both responsible for following the laws. Bicycle riders should follow the traffic laws and always ride at the right side of the lane, in the same direction as motorized vehicles. Bike riders need to stop at stop signs and red lights and should use hand signals to let drivers know of their intentions. When riding at night, you should wear reflective clothing and ensure that your bicycle has properly working lights and reflectors.

Car drivers should be extremely aware of bicycles on the road. When traveling in a dark or poorly lit area at night be careful and watch for bicycles. Bicycles can be difficult to see, especially when you are driving an SUV or pickup truck. Use your mirrors to constantly view your vehicle’s blind spots. Do not drive too closely to the curb. When you see a bicycle rider, slow down and allow plenty of room as you pass.


What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Georgia

If you were involved in a bicycle accident you should follow the same steps as car drivers. Contact the police to report the accident. Get information from the driver of the vehicle. The police will investigate the accident and take witness statements. It is extremely important to get medical attention immediately after an accident. Some injuries, particularly those to the head, might not seem serious at first but could worsen without medical attention.

The negligent driver is responsible for your medical bills and for other damages. Medical expenses could be very costly, especially if you suffer a brain injury or if you require surgery and extensive recovery. You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering as well as lost wages and other expenses. Contact our legal team at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers today for a free case review.

Seth Bader is an Auto accident, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney who practices in Atlanta, Rome, Savannah, Norcross, Carrollton, Georgia. He graduated from Florida State University College of Law, and has been practicing law for 14 years. Seth Bader believes in fighting for the injured. Learn more about his experience by clicking here.

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