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What Type of Benefits Can I Receive for Rome, GA, Workers’ Compensation?

All employers in Atlanta, Georgia, that employ three or more workers are required to provide workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. These benefits are required to be offered by the employer whether they employ full-time or part-time employees.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required to ensure that in case workers get injured on the job, they are able to deal with the financial losses that are incurred as a result of that injury. Workers compensation thus provides workers with medical benefits, rehabilitation support and financial assistance in case of lost wages. 

Workers' Compensation Benefits Atlanta GA
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Both the employers and the employees are equally responsible for ensuring they follow the procedures outlined by the State of Georgia. For employers, it is mandatory to provide such coverage and to report to the Workers’ Compensation Board if an injury occurs. Similarly, if a worker gets injured, they are required to report the accident as soon as possible to their employer. Workers are also required to follow the state’s requirement concerning medical treatment. Only the physicians listed on the panel communicated by the employer should be consulted for medical treatment. The only exception to this rule is the unavailability of the panel doctors. In such a case, the employer can seek treatment from another physician.

Types of Benefits

As per the Workers’ Compensation Act in Atlanta, Georgia, workers’ compensation insurance offered by employers should include:

Medical Benefits to cover any authorized medical treatment for injuries sustained in the workplace or while performing a work-related activity or task. These benefits include payments for medical bills, hospital bills, prescription costs, physical therapy costs and any other associated medical expense.

Disability Coverage for Lost Wages to compensate for any loss of income due to the injuries that are sustained at the workplace. There are four types of disability benefits which include:

  • Total temporary disability benefits – these are provided to the workers who have sustained injuries that result in temporary disability. In Atlanta, GA, this amount is generally equal to 2/3 of the employee’s average weekly wage. Workers will receive this benefit for up 400 weeks from the day they sustained the injury. The maximum payout per week is $500.
  • Total partial disability benefits – these are offered to workers who have incurred injuries that do not result in total disability but do end up partially impairing the worker’s ability to earn. The worker is thus unable to earn the same wage. Benefit amounts in Atlanta, Georgia, are equivalent to 2/3 of the difference between the average weekly wage that the worker earned before the injury and the weekly wage that the worker is earning after the injury. The maximum duration of these benefits is 350 weeks and the maximum payout per week is $334.
  • Permanent partial disability benefits – these benefits are offered to workers who have a permanent disability, but this disability only partially impairs their ability to work. The benefit amount is not dependent on the workers’ average earnings but rather the level of the disability.
  • Permanent total disability benefits – this is offered to workers who have suffered a permanent disability that prevents them from returning to work altogether.  

Death benefits are offered to workers who suffer fatal injuries at the workplace. In such cases, the dependents of the deceased worker (such as their spouse, child, parent or sibling) will receive death benefits to cover for funeral and burial expenses as well as to compensate for the loss of financial support that the deceased worker provided. The amount of benefit that the dependents will receive is based on the deceased workers’ earnings.

There can sometimes be complications regarding the eligibility of dependents. This is especially true if there are stepchildren involved or children born outside of marriage. Establishing financial dependency may also be required in certain cases to be qualified for these benefits. In an Atlanta workers’ comp claim, dependents generally receive two-thirds of the average weekly wage of the deceased worker. The maximum payout per week is $570. Spouses, children, and stepchildren are considered dependents. A dependent spouse that has no children will receive a total amount of $230,000 until the time they remarry.

All these benefits are tax-deductible, but workers generally have to wait for at least a week before collecting these benefits.

Reach out to a Worker’s Comp Lawyer for Legal Help

If you have suffered a workplace injury or an injury sustained outside the workplace but incurred while engaged in a work-related activity or task, you can be eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits. If you are unsure of how much you can receive or what benefits you can apply for, you can call one of our associates at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. Our experienced Atlanta workers’ comp lawyers have years of experience dealing with workers’ compensation claims and can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.

For a workers’ compensation claim in Atlanta, Georgia, you are required to file a claim as per the state guidelines. You also have to act within a specified time. If you are unsure of how to proceed or have questions about how to file your claim, let an experienced workers’ comp lawyer help you with these procedures. Workplace injuries can be devastating and can take a heavy toll on both your physical and emotional health. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers is here to help you deal with the challenges associated with such injuries, and we promise to fight hard for your right to be compensated for the financial losses that you have incurred because of this injury.

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Contact us today at 678-562-5595 and book your free consultation. You can provide all the details to your lawyer, and they will guide you as to how you should proceed. Remember, time is of the essence. You should act quickly, and you should follow the procedures outlined by the Workers’ Compensation Board. We do not want you to make a mistake and risk losing your benefits. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers know how the state requirements concerning workers’ compensation claims and they will ensure you do not miss any of your deadlines and that you provide and file all necessary documentation as per the state’s requirements.

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