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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Atlanta GA

Riding a motorcycle is nothing like driving a car: On a motorcycle, you can feel the open air as you go for a long or short ride on the weekend or even during your lunch break. The freedom you feel on your motorcycle comes at a price, though; if you are ever involved in an accident, you have far less to protect you, so you are far more likely to sustain injuries.

If you drive in and around Atlanta, you may be aware of this: Georgia’s Interstate 285 is one of the most dangerous, with more accidents per mile occurring on it than any other interstate in the whole United States!

In any large city like Atlanta, traffic almost never stops, and accidents happen far too often. In Georgia, about 12 percent of vehicle accident fatalities are motorcycle riders, with the largest percentage of motorcycle accident fatalities occurring in Chatham, Dekalb, Gwinnett, Fulton, and Cobb counties. If you or a loved is ever involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need an accident attorney; if you have recently been involved in an accident and you need an experienced attorney, call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers today at 678-562-5595.

What If You Crash?

Vehicle and motorcycle accidents have many causes, but if you were involved and injured in a traffic accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should consider filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Doing so could result in receiving compensation that will reimburse you for any losses resulting from the accident; these can include lost wages, costs to fix or replace your motorcycle, any medical bills, as well as any pain and suffering damages incurred.

Because insurance companies want to save money, they will try to minimize damages. Whether you are at fault or not, the insurance companies will try to shift blame for the accident. Keep in mind that the insurance agent and adjuster don’t work for you – they work for the insurance company, and they will go to great lengths in order to save the company money.

As a victim of a motorcycle accident, you should be careful about what you tell the other party’s insurance company, as anything you say may be brought up in potential court proceedings if the at-fault driver may sue you for damages.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Vehicle and car accidents can result from a variety of things, including but not limited to bad weather, mistakes, and outright negligence or a failure to practice caution. Examples of incidents that may cause accidents include:

  • A passenger vehicle turning left in front of a motorcycle – In a huge percentage of accidents involving a motorcycle, a motorcyclist gets hit when a passenger vehicle turns left and cuts off the motorcycle. Always practice caution when turning left.
  • Unlicensed motorcyclists – For obvious reasons, it is of utmost importance to have the proper license when operating specific vehicles, including motorcycles.
  • Lane splitting – This activity is exceptionally dangerous, as you will most likely be travelling a lot faster than the cars around you; because of this, even if drivers check their blind spot, they may still hit you when changing lanes.
  • Inexperienced drivers (of both passenger vehicles and motorcycles) – When you or another driver has insufficient experience driving – whether you’re a new driver or just new at riding a motorcycle – it can easily lead to accidents.
  • Alcohol – Did you know that most motorcycle accidents involve a rider who was driving under the influence? You should never drink and drive, but especially when you’re at a particular risk of getting injured in an accident.

Regardless of the specifics, negligence is a known cause in the majority of accidents. When someone else is at fault, and the accident could have been avoided, you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Although recent developments in motorcycle safety equipment have made riding motorcycles safer than ever before, riders can still sustain critical and fatal injuries when traveling in inclement weather, at high speeds, dealing with other drivers, and encountering other hazards on the road.

Vehicle and motorcycle accidents can happen at any time of the day, in any kind of weather, but certain elements can contribute to a more dangerous driving or riding experience. Because motorcycles aren’t as big as cars, trucks, or vans, for example, some drivers don’t see them. Some drivers don’t pay the attention to the road and other vehicles (including motorcycles) as they should – this contributes to the overall more dangerous motorcycle ride.

In a motorcycle accident, you could have any one or many of the following bodily injuries, which may be temporary or permanent, and run the gamut from minor to severe:

  • Breaks or fractures
  • Cuts, burns, and road rash
  • Disfigurement
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis

Is There a Statute of Limitations for Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits?

Yes, you can file an accident lawsuit up to two years after your accident, but if you’ve been in an accident, you should consider filing as soon as possible so that your attorney can more easily contact any witnesses as well as the other individuals involved. Plus, the sooner you get compensation for your injuries, the better.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers at 678-562-5595 to speak with a knowledgeable attorney to discuss the specific circumstances of your case for free. As experts in dealing with these types of cases, we can communicate and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf so that you can focus on the important things in life, like recovering from your accident. What do you have to lose? Give us a call today.

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