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Atlanta Bicycle Accident Lawyers

What Should You Do After a Bicycle Accident?

What can you do when you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident? Aside from finding the right Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer to represent you or help you with your case, there are many measures you can pursue. As the number of bicyclist accidents rise in the area, the need to provide better help to victims has also risen.

Bicycle accidents often require legal representation so you get what you need financially, emotionally, and physically from the case. That is why you need a car accident lawyer who you can trust to pursue appropriate legal action whenever a bicycle accident occurs. Bicycle cases can be complicated and your attorney can help with the process and ensure you receive the help you need. 

Companies and individuals need to be held liable for their actions. If you were injured as a result of a car running into you, contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers at 678-562-5595 and they will know how to best pursue your case. Do not generalize or dismiss the importance of your case in the process of being stressed out. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can ease your stress so you can get well.

A major problem with bicycle accidents in Atlanta, GA, is that bicyclists have little physical protection when it comes to riding. What does this mean for bicyclists, pedestrians, or drivers? If a motorist, for example, does not share the road with a bicyclist, wrongful death or traumatic injuries can result. This is a classic case of driver negligence, and it happens all too frequently because of the modern distraction of cell phones. Many drivers text, make calls, Snapchat, even eat or adjust the radio too often while driving.

Driving under the influence and hitting a cyclist is a far more serious case. Though both causes may produce similar traumatic results for the cyclist, the responsibility the driver must take is far greater. You or your loved one may be entitled to monetary compensation if this happens. Your lawyer will guide you in the right direction. If a driver fails to pay attention, they are at fault – period. It is all too familiar for lawyers, judges, and even medical providers, to see traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, or wrongful death as a result of bicycle accidents.

Bicycle Accident in Atlanta Georgia

What are the most common motor vehicle offenses when it comes to bike accidents in Atlanta?

Unfortunately, people involved in bike accidents see a common thread of causes:

  1. Alcohol or drug abuse while driving.
  2. Reckless driving, whether speeding or not paying attention to road signs, or not obeying road signs.
  3. Failure to stop at a traffic light or stop signal.
  4. Distracted by technology while driving.
  5. Failure to stop before turning right at a red light.
  6. Failure to yield the right of way or yield in a round-about.

Though these are common causes, not all bicycle accidents are so easily identifiable. Investigators should always look beyond simple explanation to determine if there was a more complex root to the overall issue. If investigators find details about your injury that were more complex, such as a damaged road sign, or second reckless driver involved, more people may be held liable.

Bader Scott Injury Lawyers in Atlanta, GA, will not miss any details to help you get the most out of your lawsuit. You should be entitled to financial compensation in bicycle accidents as a result of the physical and emotional trauma they may cause. While an insurance provider may try to offer you a small settlement for a bicycle accident, do not give in so easily. A good bike accident lawyer will help you deal with insurance companies and understand all of your options in a case.

If you don’t want to settle with your bicycle case, don’t settle for a lawyer who intends to give you anything less than great results. Your initial consultation should always be free, and, with the right lawyer, you should always get the most out of your case possible. Contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers at 678-562-5595 for your no-cost consultation as soon as possible after your bicycle accident – they can help.


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