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3 Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business

140 characters to say exactly what you want to say effectively is sometimes challenging. Remember these THREE tips when tweeting for your own company.

 1. We.. are.. not.. a.. “Spambot” : Make sure you take some time to respond to people’s questions and concerns. Writing your customers or potential clients back will give you credibility. Your followers want information and customer service should be number one. No one wants to get a response from an automated bot asking for them to call a certain number. We have Siri for that! Let’s be real and engaged with our audience.

2. We received great news: If you don’t tweet about your accomplishments in 140 characters, you are not using the valuable resource that Twitter can be. Just as you would email some colleagues or friends about something great that happened in your life, Twitter and your business should be the same.

3. Share great content: Sharing and retweeting news articles that are appropriate and interesting will keep the followers and will attract new ones. Use Twitter to link your blog content and stories. You wrote the content, why not share it across all social media sites. 

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