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2007 Workers Compensation Board Rules

Procedure to Elect Coverage, Reject Coverage or Revoke Exemption

Termination of Dependency

Stipulated Settlements

Procedure for Enforcement Division to Request a Hearing

Offices and Addresses of the Board; Sessions

Board Rule 48

Adoption and Amendment of Rules of the Board; Assignment of Identification Numbers for Claimants; Form of Documents Submitted to Board; Enforcement Powers

Publication of Notice of Operation Under Act; Forms

Proration of Board’s Expenses

Bill of Rights

Statute of Limitation and Procedure for Filing Claims

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Division

Attorneys Entitled to Practice Before the Board; Reporting Requirements; Postponements, Leave of Absence, and Legal Conflicts; Conduct of Hearings; Motions and Interlocutory Orders; Discovery and Submission of Evidence; Written Responses

Appeals to the Appellate Division

Suspension/Reinstatement of Benefits

Appeals to the Courts

Attorney’s Fees

Insurance in More Than One Company; Self-Insurance; Insurance byCounties and Municipalities

Proof of Compliance with Insurance Provisions

Permits for Self-Insurance; Establishment of Offices

Designation by Insurer of Office for Service of Notices

Compensation for Medical Care; Changes in Treatment; Filing of Medical Reports; Requests for Medical Information

Provision of Rehabilitation Services

Panel of Physicians


Payment of Medical Expenses; Procedure When Amount of Expenses are Disputed

Subsequent Non-Work Related Injury; Chain of Causation; Burden of

Necessity of Treatment; Disputes Regarding Authorized Treatment

Reimbursement of Group Carrier or Other Healthcare Provider

Managed Care Organization Rules

Computing Days of Disability Preceding Payment of Compensation

Computing Days of Disability Preceding Payment of Compensation

Time Limit for Application for Lump Sum Payment

Procedures for Appointing Guardian for Minor or Incompetent

Offer of Suitable Employment

Credit for Payment of Income Benefits

Reimbursement for Payment of Disability Benefits

Basis for Computing Compensation

Board Rule 261

Computing Temporary Partial Disability

Determination of Disability Rating

Payment of No-Dependency Benefits Into the General Fund of the StateTreasury

Establishment of the Self-Insurers Guaranty Trust Fund

Definitions as used in this Article


Board of Trustees; How Appointed

Powers of the Board of Trustees

Participant Filing for Relief Under the Federal Bankruptcy Act

Method of Assessment

Rights and Obligations of Board of Trustees to Obtain Reimbursement from Participant

Duties of the Board to Board of Trustees

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